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Cubscouts December Newsletter

Scouts and Scout parents

The “Core Value” for this month is Respect.  Respect is showing that we care.  Showing respect is as simple as taking the time to listen to what someone has to say.  We all have different ideas, faiths, traditions, looks, and families.  Showing respect is saying to yourself and others “That’s O.K. I still care even if we are not the same.

Showing respect for the Earth and all that is around us is also important.  Be careful to stay on paths and sidewalks when hiking and walking.  Always respect nature’s beauty by picking up garbage and not disturbing the plants and wild animals.  Be careful not to damage something that is somebody else’s, because it is important to them.

If you show respect to other people and things, you will receive respect as well.

This month at a glance

Dec. 4th:    Pack Meeting 4pm

Dec. 18th:  Christmas party 3pm at the Bowling alley.  There is a White Elephant gift exchange.  The gift can be no more than $5.



Dens at a glance

Look for an achievement that scouts can do at home with their families over the holidays.

Scouts at a glance

Keep practicing your oath, law, salute, sign, and handshake.

Do a Good Turn Daily.

Take extra time to show respect to the people and things around you.

Parents at a glance

As parents you have the right to help make the decisions about what your scout is doing in Scouting.  If you would like to be on the Pack committee to help with that, we would love to have you.



Greetings Scouts and Scout Parents

          The “Core Value” for this month is Citizenship.  It is a goal in the pack for all scouts to learn what it means to be a good citizen.  One way to be a good citizen is to help others in your neighborhood, town, or state. 

Just recently we cleaned the ditches the ditches on the east side of town.  This was a good example of citizenship because we took responsibility for cleaning the ditch.  We were helpful to our community by making the area cleaner and safer for other people.

There are other ways to be a good citizen.  You can clean the local parks, perform flag ceremonies, or donate time to help others.  Sometimes it can be as simple as following the rules and regulations of your community.

This month at a glance

Nov. 6th      Pack Meeting at 4pm.  We need to plan for the Food Drive on Nov. 20th.

Nov. 20th   Food Drive at 2pm.  We will meet in front of the Elk’s.

Dens at a glance

Please make sure that parents go through the abuse pamphlets in the

front of the Scout Handbook.  Help the scouts learn what to say when

asking people for items for a food drive.

Scouts at a glance

Remember to always wear your uniforms to scout functions.  WE ARE SCOUTS AND WE ARE PROUD!

Practice your scout oath, law, salute, sign, and handshake.

And always try to do a “Good Turn Daily”.


Here is a neat little song that I hope we can add to our pack meetings.


 Cub Scout Vespers

Tune: “O Tannenbaum”

As the night comes to this land,

On my promise I will stand.

I will help the pack to go,

As our pack helps me to grow.

I will always give goodwill.

And follow my Akela still.

And before I stop to rest,

I will do my very best.