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Dear Scouters,  Some good info!  John


Fellow Scouter,

We will be holding a College of Commissioner Science in Northwest District in Columbia Falls on Saturday, April 21, 2012.  All four traditional programs (Bachelor, Master, Postgraduate, and Doctor) will be offered, as well as our two newer program tracks.  These are a Roundtable program, for anyone involved or interested in presenting Roundtables, and a District Commissioner program, for District Commissioners and anyone else interested in what a District Commissioner does.  In addition there will be four elective classes offered.  Each attendee will select one of the four to attend.  The fourth of the elective choices will be in a seminar format for the discussion of situations that Commissioners may deal with in their ongoing aid to the unit.  Training in the use of the online Unit Visitation Tracking System (UVTS) has been incorporated into the Bachelor program and will no longer be presented separately.

We would like to have as many as possible register in advance, in order that we can be sure to have adequate class materials for all.  For the same reason we are asking that each person select the elective preferred on the registration form.

I cannot emphasize too much the importance of registering in advance, by the deadline date, which is April 6, 2012.  We need to have a pretty good idea in advance how many people will attend.  The materials used for the classes are prepared after the deadline date but in advance of the College.  Before that, only master sets of materials exist.  We need to know how many sets to prepare.  Most of the cost of the College is in the materials and the food.  We always prepare for a couple of extra, since usually a few people just show up at the door, but we can only do this if we already know about how many will come.  If you plan to come but cannot pay until the date of the College, please register in advance and check the line on the form that you will pay at the door.  We can accommodate a few participants in this manner, as long as we know that you are coming.  However, please note that if no one has signed up for a particular program by the deadline date, that program will be cancelled and not offered at this College session, although all other programs will proceed as scheduled and the cancelled program will again be offered at the next College session.

Please see the registration form for details.
I encourage you to attend and to share this with other interested Scouters.

(This replaces the February session of the College held in previous years.)

Yours in Scouting,

Steve Bernbaum
Assistant Council Commissioner
Dean, College of Commissioner Science